NetSol CONNECT is a network consulting and integration firm that specializes in the design, mangement, and security of business-critical networks with it's core focus in providing IP Backbone services. Recognized in the industry for it's vendor-independent perspective, the firm's expertise in solving multi-facted, complex network problems, At NetSol CONNECT, network technology serves two purposes: to make money and to save money.

NetSol CONNECT's business methodology can clarify the client's requirements by driving the project in specific and measurable terms. NetSol CONNECT qualifies factors such as business risk, total cost of ownership, and operational efficiency to build a complete financial justification for a network project with no grey areas. This is drive by instrumenting every system to measure and quantify the key factors that govern success, NetSol CONNECT turns complexity into clarity.

NetSol CONNECT serves its corporate clients with a collaborative practice structure the delievers both breadth and depth of experience to all aspects of a project. NetSol CONNECT has the people and processess to build networks that means business. We can do this because we have over 17 years of global business experience

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